We are a couple of nature addicts who likes to roam the planet. Many years ago, it dawned on us that we're stuck in Earth's gravitational well with no chance of escape. A visit to the red supergiant star Betelgeuse would forever remain an unfulfilled dream for us. Even a casual stroll on Mars ain't happening, at least not in our lifetimes. We figured the next best travel getaway could be to crisscross this piece of rock circling the Sun. Visiting 194 countries suddenly seemed like a better prospect than to hitchhike 194 light years on a trip to nothingness! 

       Neither one of us are professional globetrotters. In fact, far from it! One among us works as a senior scientist and is a former NASA collaborator; she's also the brain and the inspiration behind this grand odyssey. The other is a professor, as well as the chief photographer who likes to stay invisible behind the camera. Between the two of us, we sometimes like to dabble in visual arts and writing. We're not particularly rich. Or talented. Or in one way or another somehow abnormal (at least, we like to think we aren't :)). Yet, through our persistence, passion, and perhaps penmanship, we've managed to visit 45 countries in 6 continents (so, no, we haven't been to Antarctica... yet!).

       We want to show you that with some willingness, open mind, and a penchant for the unknown, you too can visit the places we've been privileged enough to experience. We want you to know that if you've got a bucket list, we'll do everything we can to help you fill it. And here's our clear-cut promise to you: we'll show you the way to travel in a way that's easier than what you've seen... cheaper, better, faster, and one that's suited to your lifestyle.

       Welcome to the world where travel to even far-flung places is only a small step away!